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Internet Alchemy + JT Nelms...

And finally... the "sales video" and resume.


(See email for full resume and contact details.)

JT Nelms: Internet Alchemy's Future Community & Social Media Manager?

High Energy Leader.  Loyal Supporter.  

Imagine if my passion and energy were poured 100% into Jeff Walker and Internet Alchemy... FULL time.

Imagine the energy, the smiles, the laughter, and the grins...

Imagine the deeply understood prospects and the strongly supported customers...

Imagine the thriving COMMUNITY.


"Known" by the IA Team, Coaches, Launch Club,  PLF customers... (but that's not all!)

There's no question that Jeff pulling me on stage made me "famous".  

And here is where that led...

  • Asked to volunteer for Tribe Live with Stu McLaren
  • Invited to a private group dinner with Ray Edwards
  • Invited to volunteer for Ray Edwards's next event
  • Invited into Paul & Melissa Pruitt's Dream 100

The point?  I've been blessed to be able to positively attract and influence other internet marketing crowds, as well.

It is known...

Supporting and loving people is my passion.  Doing it full-time for Jeff Walker, who I deeply respect, on the Internet Alchemy team that I honor and admire, for a group of prospects and customers who literally want to change the world... is an absolute dream into which I could pour 100% of my working energy.

JT Nelms  //  Hugger of the Queen


(and Jeff Walker...)


 (and Donna Davis...)


Will we someday wonder... "Was this a divine inspiration?"


Around the 1st Hour, Day 1 of PLF Live, April 2019

I'm looking forward to hearing from serving you. Call me.

~ JT Nelms

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