Hi, I'm JT, creator of Transformation, Travel, and Tacos.

I prepare impact-driven creators, achievers, and entrepreneurs for unique, growth-focused, bucket list adventures

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Someday, we will enjoy travel again.  Start now to prepare your "Body, Brain, Behavior, & Belongings" for True Purpose Adventures.

Body: Safely Prepare.


BraiN: mindset MATTERS.

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behavior: earn Trust.

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belongings: Take Less.

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  • BODY: Top 3 Principles to Prepare, Train, and Enjoy Lifelong Adventure
  • BRAIN:  The 3 Critical Decisions & Mindset Perspectives for a Successful Trip
  • BEHAVIOR:  Just 11 Easy Words + 5 Smart Actions to Quickly Bond with Locals
  • BELONGINGS:  7 Items to Take to Prevent Frustration (and Save Money)

About JT Nelms

Through True Purpose Adventures, Get Fit for Travel, and JT’s Adventurous Million, JT Nelms guides owners, creators, achievers, and entrepreneurs along an exciting journey to discover what literally thousands around the world have already proven: 

The perfect trifecta of “Transformation, Travel, and Tacos” is the best way to wisely prepare for and then enjoy purposeful, growth-focused, uncommon travel... the fastest, cheapest, most effective way to permanently refine and elevate the 5 Facets of Life HAPPIness:

Health - Admiration - Purpose - Profit - Impact

  • Authentic exposure to unique cultures
  • Majestic, breath-taking locations
  • Pivot-creating perspectives
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Transformation, Travel, and Tacos™: Prepare for Life Adventure

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